Translations in the following areas:


  • Technical – general, technical documentation, manuals, instructions, schedules/concepts/plans, catalogs/brochures, call for tenders
  • Legal - contracts, negotiation correspondence, approvals, certifications, apostils, verdicts/decrees 
  • Medical – dentistry, clinical studies, medical technology, patient information etc. 
  • Sewer rehabilitation and cleaning process technology, call for tenders, correspondence 
  • Automotive manuals, customer information, diagnostics, service and maintenance manuals, OEM and user manuals  
  • Marketing
  • General  training documentation, websites, catalogs, brochures, internal/external communication, presentations, event and trade fair documents



Additional services


  • Certified translations of official documents such as driver's licenses, birth /marriage/death certificates, school/university/work certificates, verdicts
  • Proofreading of  papers/assignments, Bachelor, Master, Diploma und Doctoral theses
  • (Light) Post Editing, Linguistic Sign-Off
  • Glossaries – individually build based on customer's terminology, and tailored to their requirements and needs




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